Nature’s Bounty Garlic 2000mg, Tablets 120 ea (Pack of 4)
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Pack of four, 120-count(total of 480-counts)

Helps maintain cholesterol levels

Herbal supplement

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10 reviews for Nature’s Bounty Garlic 2000mg, Tablets 120 ea (Pack of 4)

  1. Mad Max

    First, this is a fairly heavy dose of garlic (2,000mg). At your local pharmacy, most garlic supplements are going to be 400-600mg, and you won’t find anything stronger than 1,000mg in a normal store (maybe at a health food store).But in my opinion, if you want to see results, it’s a waste of time to mess around with anything lower than 1,000mg. The two most common mistakes with supplements are taking synthetics, or taking too low of a dose. These 2,000mg tablets are pretty small, easy to swallow, and a good value.A doctor once recommended I eat a whole clove of garlic every day. I can’t quite figure out how to do that, but these pills are easy. WebMD says 200-400mg x 3 times a day. I can’t handle keeping track of that kind of schedule, I prefer the 2,000mg dose once a day (sometimes twice a day), and preferably on a full stomach.Garlic has been studied and has a lot of benefits – high blood pressure, cholesterol, helps prevent mosquito bites, helps build immunity (cold & flu season), & more.I have noticed, since taking this, the mosquitos definitely show less interest in me (maybe a 50% reduction in bites). A lot of people might scoff at that, but I’m a human mosquito magnet. It’s almost like a super-power I have, but a bad one. Some say it’s blood type (I’m O+). Or maybe it’s just a magnetic personality? Anyway I’ll get 50 bites in 5 minutes, while nobody else around me gets a single bite. And for me, mosquito bites swell up like a bee sting. And they always seem to go for my butt first (not kidding). I occasionally meet other people with the same super-power, I’m thinking about starting a support group. Anyway, bottom line, a 50% reduction in mosquito bites is extremely significant for people like me.(BTW, If you’re looking for other mosquito bite prevention or remedies, look up Ledum Palustre, Apis Mellifica, Urtica Urens, & Staphysagria. Also try the natural bug sprays, they really do work, but you have to reapply every hour or so. I buy a bottle, then additional drops of essential oils to make it super-potent, and it will keep me bite-free. Buy a lemongrass or citronella bug spray, and add 5 drops each of mint, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, &/or clove for extra protection).This Nature’s Bounty is not completely odor free, but it’s pretty low. Remember that other brands might be lower odor because they’re lower dose. If you’re extremely sensitive to garlic odor, then you might want to check out other options or brands. But for me, the worst I’ve noticed is a garlic burp, a few minutes after taking the tablet, then it’s gone.Also, this is the best deal – roughly $6 per bottle for 120-count x 2,000mg (so 2-pack should be about $12, and a 4-pack for around $24). If you notice the price is higher than that, wait a few days – the prices will vary from day-to-day.Hope this helps – good luck!

  2. David D Klein

    In the World of Garlic this Brand holds Its’ Own. No Aftertaste or indigestion or any unusual side effects. Reasonable Cost and Quick Delivery, Overall, a great Product, thank You.

  3. Gareth Chen Terng Fu

    Not as smelly as some of the other garlic supplements that i’ve taken and unlike capsules, its not filled with unnecessary fillers like Soy Oil etc. I’m a type II diabetic, so I take one a day at night to help with my immunity. This plus vitamin C seems to help me stay healthy while people around me are sniffing and sneezing away.

  4. Miguel Padron

    I’ve been taking these for over a year after i read garlic lowers blood pressure, my blood pressure has been back to normal for some time now. I just keep taking them for immune health and I’ve been sick free for a year even when being around people with the flu and colds. I will continue to by this product regularly and would like the product to have more availability.

  5. KenF – Indiana

    The pill style is good for the dosage size. The multi pack is a great value. Will buy again.

  6. James Dean

    It’s great at lowering blood pressure and it is fantastic at preventing cold.I tried more expensive Kyolic garlic but I find this one more convenient(I think 2 pills were equal to 600mg or a bit more) and cost effective. My brother and some of co workers are taking it as well. I was considering trying soft gel version but since it was more expensive and had 1/2 of dosage per pill, decided to stick with this one. Since I am taking it for long term, it made more sense to me.

  7. Enrique Gonzalez

    I have been taking this supplement for 10 years, it’s a life change from always getting head colds to NOTHING… it’s a booster of your immune system. Only bad part is if you take it on empty stomach you’ll taste garlic all day.

  8. T.J.

    If you have a circulatory problem then get this stuff and cardio exercise legs, and if male lift 20 pound weights with arms till you can’t lift any more. Eat right with veggies and fruits. This works for me. I don’t feel clogged up any more. Life is better. Hope you unclog as well. Don’t wait till you get a heart attack.

  9. Anya York

    I originally started taking this because I heard that garlic was a great natural way to fight off colds. It is very true. My sister (a schoolteacher) took my recommendation and found that it kept her from catching any bugs from her kiddos for an entire school year. I also find that it helps lower my blood sugar (I am on an insulin pump and do not have to bolis nearly as much). My blood pressure is great and my doctor said that my cholesterol levels are amazing. I take 4 pills every morning. It is one of the few things I take that yields no bad side effects. They cause no odor and are easy to take. Love this stuff.

  10. Ms Maria

    I don’t understand the bad reviews. These smell a bit like garlic in the bottle but once taken you do not smell like garlic and there is no garlic burps or upset stomach. I believe that’s the intended goal. Just take your pills with a full glass or cup of liquid and there will be no problems.

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