Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer 4 Fl Oz Jojoba Oil


About this item

Effective moisturization; this face moisturizer formula contains natural aloe vera and jojoba oil that naturally moisturizes your skin and infuse skin with super hydration to give it a healthy look.

Skin nourishment; this daily essential moisturizing solution nourishes your skin, day or night, by boosting skin hydration levels and restoring a healthy, radiant glow.

Natural fragrance; this skin care product has a naturally pleasant and uplifting aroma that comes from the sweet-smelling essential oil of geranium used as an ingredient.

No oily residue; has a non-oily texture that gets quickly absorbed in the skin without leaving any kind of greasy residue, which makes it an ideal choice for application alone or underneath make-up.

Regular use recommended; when used on a regular basis, this skin moisturizing cream helps you provide hydrated skin with a radiant youthful glow.


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