DESERT ESSENCE Italian Red Grape Conditioner 8 oz Standard Hair Conditioner


About this item

NOURISHES HAIR – This red grape conditioner adds an extra layer of moisture to protect your hair. Offers protectiom from heat tools, everyday wear and tear while keeping them shiny, moisturized, and damage-free.

PROTECTS YOUE HAIR FROM UV RAYS – This organic hair conditioner features potent red grape products from Italy with high levels of antioxidants. Great filter for hair protection against sun-caused damage.

NATURAL HAIR CONDITIONER – This organic conditioner contains natural ingredients with high levels of vitamin B5 to moisturize and assists in repairing hair damage.

HAIR DAMAGE PROTECTION – This antioxidant conditioner acts as a uv filter to aid in protecting hair from damage due to environmental stressors such as the sun.

FOR COLOR TREATED HAIR – This revitalizing conditioner looks after both color and non-color treated hair. It prevents the color from fading while simultaniously adding more shine.


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