Ezorb Calcium 100g Powder for Bone, Joint, Muscle Health
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92% calcium absorption rate has created a new industry standard, because most calcium supplements available today are absorbed only at rates of 5% – 25%.

Stimulates osteoblast (bone forming cell) activities to make sure calcium is converted to bone mass.

Encourages development of joint collagen and synovial fluid, so that joint cartilage is repaired and joints are kept lubricated.

EZorb Calcium is extremely effective for the following disorders:* osteoporosis, loss of bone mass, arthritis/osteoarthritis joint pain bone fracture, bone spur and heel spurs nerve/muscle pain, and back pain/lower back pain.

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10 reviews for Ezorb Calcium 100g Powder for Bone, Joint, Muscle Health

  1. Claudette

    This product really works for me. I suffered with pain in my knees, shoulder and my ankles. I’ve been using this product for a one month and noticed a difference immediately. I will continue use and highly recommend

  2. Marilyn Booth

    Great product……

  3. Clarence G.

    I like them

  4. kim zimmerman

    Calcium powder is added to my orange juice or any cold drink. Dissolves quickly and no taste. My nails were always breaking or chipping so it is proven to be working for my bone health too. This pure calcium powder is so much better nutritionally and beats swallowing a large calcium pill

  5. Betty Cook Loveless

    This product thus far works well, I haver no pain looking forward to long term usage

  6. PAUL

    Easy to use just mix just one leveled teaspoon in a glass of water 1-3 times a day.

  7. Dr. A.

    For me to sit down and write a review, the product must be GREAT! I bought this for the first time in August 2016 when my left heel pain due to what I thought was plantar fasciitis had become chronic. I am a physician, so I had tried all kinds of other things–PT exercises, “the boot,” stretching–and nothing helped. Desperate, I read the Ezorb reviews and saw that people were saying the problem was solved in three months. I was highly skeptical (but desperate)! It is now November and I have been pain free for about two weeks. I highly recommend this product! I am going to keep using it (at night, dissolved in a little bit of water, with my other nighttime medications) even though my foot is better because I never want that pain again! I started using Yoga Toes at night about two weeks ago, which I also ordered on Amazon. That’s been a winning combo for me!

  8. URL Cruiser

    Seemed to cure the discomfort from a bone spur on the left shoulder. How is that even possible. Don’t even have to take it any more after taking several bottles

  9. MARY T

    I have been using this product for 5 years. I am a runner & developed a heel spur. The only advice I was given was use heel inserts which didn’t relieve any pain. I came across Ezorb Calcium on the web and thought “why not give this a try?”After about a month I was able to start running again. Eventually the spur dissolved and I have no more pain! The calcium absorption is 92% and you don’t need magnesium supplement to absorb the calcium.

  10. cemav

    Found this product after i had a serious bout with spinal bone spur. Have been using daily for 6 months. No muscle spasms have reoccured. Good side affect is that my blood pressure checkup was perfect! For the first time in 17 years i was not high and i walked up the stairs to the office. Will continue using. Add it to my morning supplement water. Has a slight tinny aftertaste.

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