Ezorb Calcium 180 Capsules for Bone, Joint, Muscle Health
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92% calcium absorption rate has created a new industry standard, because most calcium supplements available today are absorbed only at rates of 5% – 25%.

Stimulates osteoblast (bone forming cell) activities to make sure calcium is converted to bone mass.

Encourages development of joint collagen and synovial fluid, so that joint cartilage is repaired and joints are kept lubricated.

EZorb Calcium is extremely effective for the following disorders:* osteoporosis, loss of bone mass, arthritis/osteoarthritis joint pain bone fracture, bone spur and heel spurs nerve/muscle pain, and back pain/lower back pain.

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10 reviews for Ezorb Calcium 180 Capsules for Bone, Joint, Muscle Health

  1. grandma

    I had used ezorb years ago. I have osteoporosis and my bone density scan was declining. I tried ezorb because they guaranteed my money back if i took it for six months that my scan would improve. My scan DID improve. It works. It’s a bit expensive for me so I couldn’t continue taking it regularly. My bone scan recently was bad again. I have used other calcium products, through the years which didn’t help me at all. So I am hoping to be able to continue my ezorb now. It is a product that works taken as instructed.

  2. Susan

    Actually helped reduce pain of my neck bone spurs. I had to stop taking them when I had the flu for a week and could tell a huge difference in my pain level. Now that I’m back on them it is helping tremendously.

  3. Bookworm

    I am 67 years old. I was diagnosed with osteopenia years ago after experiencing a tibia fracture due to a bicycling accident. I was prescribed Fosamax, but only took for about two weeks due to side effects, including digestive problems and overall body aches. After researching that drug, I concluded it was toxic and not advisable for human consumption. Started taking Ezorb because of the potential for better absorption of this form of calcium. Had been taking it for about three months when I had my last bone scan. Bone density had improved in two areas measured in spine and hips, and I am no longer considered to have osteopenia. Needless to say, I continue to use this product at the maintenance dosage. It’s well worth the price to me. I also do strength training three times a week, which is a critical component for maintaining healthy bones.

  4. Amazon customer

    I have taken this( one a day) for two months and I no longer have pain from bone spurs on my heels! I was also diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis and the tingling in my arms and the pain in my back is now gone. This is a supplement that works over time and is not going to work in a day or two but I did get relief without side effects and I think anyone with these issues should give it a try. This product has been around for a long time!

  5. Amazon Customer

    I was going through a crisis, dealt with leaky gut, then candida overgrowth which caused the worst arthritis like symptoms in my hands. I could not bring two fingers together due to the extreme pain or button my shirts…I took this and felt better almost instantly…within 2 weeks the pain was all but gone and my range of motion restored. The MD who told me I had arthritis was in shock when I told him all my symptoms were gone due to this supplement!!I am a fan for life and have been taking it now for the past 6 yrs and I feel fabulous!

  6. Richard Barsotti

    I struggled with Achilles’ tendon bone spurs in my left foot for over 1 year and then my son suggested I check out Exorb on Creations4. I’ve been using the pills for over 3 months and I can’t believe the results. I’m back to walking normal and continuing my way of life!! I tried so many things during that year and my Pediatrist had even mentioned surgery. Lucky me I found a much better remedy.UPDATE- It’s now over 1year, still taking my daily dose and feeling great!!!


    I don’t have a lot of money……. How can I put a price tag on relief? My fingers are curled up with arthritis, I can’t walk from painful bone spurs. I have been taking this formula for 3 weeks now. It is saving the quality of my life. I can walk and straighten my fingers now. The pain in my body is disappearing. This is the first time in years I have felt everything will be ok. I am taking 4 pills, 3x’s a day and will do this for 3 months. Then I will cut back to 2x’s a day. This stuff really works, so I ask again…… How can I put a price on this? This is about the quality of life for me. To me worth every penny. I am grateful again.

  8. Teresa W.

    I heard about this from a friend who heard about it from a nutritional lecturer who claimed this product reversed his parents osteoporosis!I researched the price and quantity provided and the lower priced bottles also have a lower percentage of the nutrient. You will get what you pay for here.

  9. haybull

    I have been battling plantar f. and was contemplating a 2nd cortisone shot. After some research I read about EZorb.Although it is pricey-its cheaper than a doctor bill, so I thought I would try it. I usually get in 6-9 miles a day or about 12-20k steps, but my heal pain was really slowing me down. I have been taking it (6 pills a day) for 5 days & I am already noticing much less heal pain!! Not everyone’s body responds to meds or supplements the same, but I really feel that its worth a try-even though its pricey, if my heal pain subsides even more I am sold! AND if it helps with preventing or lessening affects of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis…bonus!

  10. W-SCC

    I had some doubts about EZorb. The bone spur on my heel was interfering with my Achilles tendon making walking so difficult and golf impossible! The only option I had was open-heel surgery with a long recovery. I googled “bone spur” and the ad for EZorb came up with a long testimonial from someone with a story like mine. I decided to go ahead and try it. I am now on my 5th bottle, the bone spur paid is gone and I’ve gained boned density in my most recent bone density test! It is necessary to follow the directions which say to take a strong dose in the beginning, but it’s answered my prayers! I’m back on the golf course. Now the one thing that makes my golf impossible is my short game! UPDATE: Still taking EZorb and I’m still pleased with it. Pain has not returned. Golf game is getting better!

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