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OMEGA 3S: Each serving of Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil 1200 milligram soft gels contains 360 milligram of Omega 3s. Nature’s Bounty Omega 3s are comprised of EPA and DHA that helps support and maintain the health of your cardiovascular system. This odorless formula is held to the highest purity and potency standards

HEALTHY HEART AND METABOLISM: Omega 3 fatty acids, like those in Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil, are considered “good” fats important for cellular health, heart health and metabolic health and can help maintain triglyceride levels already within a normal range

HEART HEALTH: Nature’s Bounty provides heart health support for you to be your healthy best. Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil is just part of the line of heart health supplements offered to support your health and your body

NATURE’S BOUNTY, BETTER OFF HEALTHY: Health conscious people have trusted Nature’s Bounty products for decades. Our dedication to quality, consistency, and scientific research has resulted in vitamins and nutritional supplements of unrivaled excellence

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10 reviews for Fish Oil by Nature’s Bounty, Dietary Supplement, Omega-3

  1. lorena

    Fish Oil capsules are great and easy to swallow with no fish taste. Take them to lower triglycerides and they really help. The doctor recommend to put in the fridge and honestly I dont feel the taste, I have a week take it and my hair is shine, no more pain in my joints, look like is helping with my sleep too. Absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  2. bucketmouth69

    The most important thing to me any time I purchase fish oil pills…is that I NEVER taste fish. I have purchased fish oil pills in the past that claim to not have that fishy aftertaste. I was a bit leery at first when I received these because I thought that they were going to be enteric coated, and they weren’t. So I thought for sure they would be disgusting…but surprise…I have almost finished one entire bottle and I have not had even one, tiny fish burp. The bottle claimed to not cause fish burps which is why I just assumed they were coated, but when I opened the package, and they weren’t coated, I was not happy but I gave them a try and prepared for the worst. However, I am happy to report that these fish oil pills, coated or not, do the trick. I will definitely reorder when the time comes and I recommend them to anyone else that has an aversion to the nasty, fishy taste you sometimes encounter with other brands.

  3. DaveAbdallah

    I have been taking fish oils for a few years now and they have the desired effect…nothing. They actually do not do anything I can notice but I keep taking them on the off chance I will get an extra month of life someday.

  4. Robert H.

    I am 74 and have been using the product religiously for years after my physician (Internist) recommended I take 5 grams of fish oil daily. My annual blood work now comes back very good. … Except now the Dr recommends I drink more water? I like delivery to my home … I got tired of the lady at the pharmacy remarking, “That’s a lot of fish oil !!!” … I always told her, “My fish are squeaking really bad.” (Humor)

  5. Stephanie Sullivan

    I’m pleased with these Nature’s Bounty fish oil capsules. I’ve been taking fish oil capsules for decades and I thought I’d give these Nature’s Bounty capsules a try. They are very much like what I was taking before which were also 1200mg. Almost the same size and clarity but more capsules for a better price.I have been taking them for a few weeks and I don’t notice any difference in how I feel compared to the other more expensive ones I had been taking. I think that’s good and it’s not the kind of thing where I would expect that.The capsule size is largish like those I’ve been taking but I find them easy for me to swallow. These do not give me fish-burps like I got from some other brands.With two 180 capsule bottles these will last me most of a year as of this review the price is very reasonable. They seem to work as well as any I’ve tried and I’m very pleased. I’m giving these fish oil capsules 5 stars for excellent value and a product that works

  6. TomG

    Buying these on line seems to be the only way to get a decent price. The local store had buy 1 get 1 free and it was still higher than this vendor. Can’t say anything about the health value, however, I’ve been taking them for years and I’m still alive.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Perfect supplement. No fishy burps or after taste. My joint pains have gone away after I used this. I use 2 pills in the morning and 1 with dinner, rather than the 2 pills per day recommended. Worked great for me. Highly recommend.

  8. Jason & Merissa

    I bought product before reading reviews then I was worried these pills would smell and taste fishy or come out deformed by the heat. However, they are in tact, don’t taste or smell fishy, and they are easy to swallow. I did take with a meal each one (3 pills daily) and had no aftertaste from them. Hopefully my omega 3 intake will help my skin and hair!

  9. NavyBoy

    My wife is a retired beautician and has done hair for 40 plus years in her beauty shop and in the nursing home doing perms. Arthritis has settled in many of her joints because of her career and because her dad also had a ton of arthritis. Without these, she cannot move. She swears by them!I had to stop taking my statin meds because it gave me terrible muscle cramps. My doctor informed me to take this product to help lower my bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It’s working great!!NavyBoy

  10. Robert Cruder

    These capsules have no flavor when swallowed but ALL brands result in some fishy burps. This appears to be true for all omega-3 sources because even flax oil smells slightly fishy.Many fish-oil capsules appear identical, some even in an identical bottle just with a different label. I have not found evidence that ANY brand does its own manufacturing or that any contract manufacturer is superior to any other. These capsules have at least as good quality and at a surprisingly good price. I will be ordering them again soon.ALL fish oil reacts with air, even within capsules within a sealed bottle. Although I add BHT crystals to each bottle on opening, NO manufacturer appears to add any preservatives. Choose brands that sell most rapidly and store them in a cool/cold place on receipt.If one consumes other fat-soluble supplements (carotenoids, tumeric, co-Q10, vitamins A, D or E), most are not packaged with enough fat to ensure absorption. Fish oil is an alternative if one does not take those supplements a fatty meal.

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