Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil, 2400mg, 1200mg of Omega-3, 90 Coated Softgels
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Twice the Potency of EPA/DHA Than Other Fish Oil Products

1200 mg of Omega-3 per serving

Odor-Less, Coated to minimize fish burps

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10 reviews for Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil, 2400mg, 1200mg of Omega-3, 90 Coated Softgels

  1. rjk

    I’m kind of cheap when it comes to supplements but I also don’t want to buy junk. No fishy burps or aftertaste. Hope they’re coming from a decent source but without FDA verification you never know the quality of this stuff so it’s a blind item.

  2. Jeff

    A great deal for quality fish oil. Look at the numbers on the label for DHA (480 mg) and EPA (720 mg) omega 3 fatty acids, they speak for themselves (serving size two soft gels). That’s the stuff you want in fish oil supplements. To get this content in most other products, you would pay a higher price. Some products don’t even bother to publish their DHA and EPA content in mg.

  3. Katie Mulligan

    I take this because I have a heart condition and want to live long enough to see my little grandchildren grow up, I have taken Fish Oil for the last 5 years and I know it has helped my heart function. I have not had to increase my prescription heart medicine at all.Omega 3, Supports Heart Health and at my age, it helps my skin to stay nice. This is the best buy for the amount and quality.

  4. Vicky C.

    Nature’s Bounty (I believe) is a good, reliable company. As far as I can remember, the company hasn’t had any first with their products. There products have been easy to swallow and the flavor has been “alright”. For any of my vitamin needs, I check them out first.

  5. Kristi Stoutamyer

    We actually have to buy these for our greyhound that has developed lupus and is losing his toenails due to it. He will be on these and other medications for the rest of his life. Amazon has these fish oil pills with the correct amounts of EPA/DHA for a great price!

  6. Janet

    No fishy after taste or fish burps. Was delivered perfectly. I accidently hit did not follow instructions but they did and the system wouldn’t let me change it back. This product works very good for joints.

  7. Robert Blicker

    Doc recommended fish oil to try and reduce cholesterol levels that were bordering on high.Since I started taking these daily, my levels have dropped to good levels without adjusting my diet or routines.

  8. G. Brooks Arnold

    Although the product is billed as 2,400mg gel-caps, they each actually contain 1,200mg of Omega-3. That is still a higher dosage of Omege-3 than any other Fish Oil product I can find, and it is only slightly more expensive than the next lower dose of 1200/600. My doctor prescribed 5,000mg of Omega-3, daily, so I take 4 gel-caps.The caps are large, but smooth and easy to swallow and, generally, have no after-taste.

  9. KJ

    Great fish oil and way to supplement your omegas. High potency which is nice, no fish burps with this brand which is fantastic, which alone for me is worth buying. Nothing worse than fish burps. Yikes. But with this brand Nature’s Bounty, it’s not a worry. Best fish oil I have found for the price. Great value.

  10. Amazon Customer

    These fish oil tablets are basically what most people expect in terms of size – i.e. quite large. I liked the fact that they offer a relatively high concentration of DHA/EPA (about 50% of the total capsule), the fats that are supposed to be the most beneficial. I haven’t noticed any fish burps in the hours after swallowing a capsule although I also take them at bedtime.

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