Stanley Home Products Fiesta Floor Cleaner Concentrate Non-Abrasive


About this item

Easy Floor Cleaning: Whether you need to do a thorough floor cleaning with a mop and bucket, or just need to clean some dirty spots, grab some powerful Fiesta Floor Cleaner for extra clean results. No rinsing required – which saves you time and effort!

Economical Cleaning Power: Stanley Home Products Fiesta Floor Cleaner Concentrate is highly concentrated to deliver an economical cleaning solution. The 32 fl. oz. bottle provides you with 32 gallons of cleaning liquid with a refreshing citrus scent!

All Floors Types: An optimal way to clean floors, this concentrated liquid will safely clean all your vinyl, linoleum, laminate, sealed wood, tile, granite, marble, terrazzo, mosaic, concrete and just about any other hard surface that you can imagine.

Safe Usage: This non-abrasive formula contains effective cleaning agents, does not contain phosphate and is safe for septic systems. Furthermore, the neutral pH solution won’t strip away the wax or shine from your floors.

Trusted Brand: As a leader in home cleaning since 1931, Stanley Home Products continues to supply you with premier American-made household products – made with the highest quality ingredients under strict quality standards – that work!


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