Stanley Home Products Premium Multi-Surface Concentrate professional


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HEAVY-DUTY CLEANER: Significantly concentrated with a strong, ammonia-powered formula, Stanley Home Products Premium Multi-Surface Concentrate is perfect for both light and heavy-duty cleaning all around the house.

MULTI-PURPOSE USE: This powerful formula is four times as concentrated as normal cleaners, making it the ideal choice to clean up the heaviest messes quickly. Use it to cut out mess from bathroom and kitchen fixtures, windowsills, counters, door knobs, light switches, washable walls and more.

GALLONS OF CLEANING POWER: Very cost-effective, one 32-ounce bottle contains enough cleaning product to make 32-64 gallons of cleaning solution, depending on the solution strength you need.

SAFE USAGE: Containing biodegradable cleaning agents, this Premium Multi-Surface Concentrate does not contain phosphates to effectively clean without damaging hard surfaces. It’s also safe for your septic system.

TRUSTED BRAND: As a leader in home cleaning since 1931, Stanley Home Products continues to supply you with premier American-made household products – made with the highest quality ingredients under strict quality standards – that work!


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